It is not easy to learn the language of Poland. Many people have a hard time learning it. They say it is complicated to learn it. But they also have an amazing food cuisine that is not easily forgotten. If you are curious about it then you can search and read more about it in the other posts in this website. Let us have some time to know some little and random facts about the country. One is that the most known name given to a dog is Burke.

They have many citizens who win the Nobel Prize Award. The number already reached to 17. The educated citizens of the country are also very high in percentage. The 90 percent of them have finished their secondary education. A polish astronomer also is the one who is the first to publish the first map of the moon and he is Jan Heweliusz. Even if it is not just the culture of the Polish people as there are also ones who did it. They eat pizza with the tomato ketchup.

Just like other countries whose citizens live abroad, the people of Poland are living overseas. There is 35 percent of them. These country have to fight for over 43 times to be able to gain their freedom from the invaders.

Do not lose your way when you ride the elevator. If you still do not know in elevator numbers the 0 is considered as 1. So if you want to go 1st floor then you should press the number 0.